No, It's not me

I won't hear another sad song.
Yes, I was a stupid and they're all bitches!
I know today I woke up angry, with thoughts of revolution and will revolutionize my life today, this shit of life that holds me to the person who doesn't care about me, that person that now I know that doesn't deserve even that I look at it. It was a pleasure to meet you, dear. ^^
I'll go away, far away, quite angry, maybe even be madness, but I don't wanna know. I know I will find the shortest path to happiness, or that this will have to go through much more pain.
I'm only human and do not deserve all this contempt. Not when all the fuss I make is enough, even if I pasted a letter on my forehead, you would never look at me.
It was a pleasure, I loved to meet you, but I'll love even more forget you!
I'm on my way out!

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