Concerts don’t last one night. They last a lifetime. They come back to you everytime you listen to an artist you’ve seen in concert. When the music’s streaming through your speakers, the memories are streaming through your heart. You remember the people that you were around, the die hard fans, and the feeling you got in your stomach when the stage lit up, the crowd went crazy, and the band ran on stage to start the show. You remember singing along and screaming your heart out when he’s telling a story, and the crowd is silent listening to the man they think of as a God, whose music got them through the hardest times of their life. A concert stays with you forever. You know that when the lights go off and the music goes on, you get butterflies no matter where you are. As soon at the drummer hits the bass as hard as he can, and you feel not only the vibrations, but the compassion, the love, and the reality hits you square in the face, and you were ready for it. You were ready for it ever since you bought that ticket. It hits you in the face and it hits you in the chest, and takes your breath away, and all you can do is scream. Scream to show you love it. And you will remember those butterflies for the rest of your life.
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