how i wish.

How I wish I could surrender my soul;
Shed the clothes that become my skin;
See the liar that burns within my needing.
How I wish I'd chosen darkness from cold.
How I wish I had screamed out loud,
Instead I've found no meaning.

I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,
All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.
I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.
It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.

How I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;
Hold memory close at hand,
Help me understand the years.
How I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.
How I wish I would save my soul.
I'm so cold from fear

teras and rain - james blunt.

18 comentários:

  1. i wanna kill you with a hug sooner again!

  2. even if we have to wait one year, i'll be here to take your breathe, again and again.

  3. it doesn't matter how long will it take, what matter's that has to happen!

  4. am i? you're always saying that i'm not ><

  5. i think i am sweet all the time :b

  6. i'm sorry, but tomorrow it's sunday, and in fact, i may only call you tuesday -.- I'll try to call monday from David's phone, but i wont promisse anything :x

  7. If i could i'd call you everyday, every houre, every minute and second, because you're the biggest love i ever had!

  8. only for a long whiles! but i love when you get all sweety *.*

  9. that's a lie -.- you're always making fun of me

  10. i don't know if it's worth it, cuz you make fun at the same -.-

  11. but you know that I ♥ you, i don't know if you do -.-

  12. see? i don't know if you're sincere 'cuz then you tell me you hate me ><

  13. see? 8D sometimes you can be sweeter than the usual!